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Unique Presence

You can completely customize our carts with your own unique branding. Our carts are trendy, portable and easy to navigate.


Take your product to the customer and let them remember you forever.

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ice pops cart

Low Investment

The startup costs for a vending cart are smaller than you might think, and with prices starting at $53 per month, you get time to test the market allowing you a quick return on investment.


Imagine your logo on this cart

334PC Ice Cream Cart

from $2,400.00

This cart is compact, made of fiberglass, does not need electricity and is super-insulated and sturdy. It holds a set of 6 Cold plates. The eutectic plates should be frozen 24-48 hrs in a separate freezer before the first use and overnight (10-12 hrs) thereafter.

The cart holds 300-400 novelty frozen items and about 500 paletas for 6-8 hrs, depending on product temperature, outside temperature, hatch lid operation. Menu holder and beach umbrella included.

Serve guests at private events, Food Markets or Fairs.

  • Manufactured in Fiberglass and powder coated steel frame

  • 300-400 novelty ice cream bars

  • Insulated with polyurethane

  • Large top lid for easy loading, small hatch lid to access products

  • Two solid rubber tires and one swivel caster wheel

  • Stainless steel frame with umbrella holder - umbrella included

  • Menu/price list holder

  • Trash bin

  • 6 Eutectic Cold Plates (4 sm 17.5 x 12" and 2 lg 17.5 x 18.5", 1" thick. Set weight - 40lbs)

Cold plates - eutectic plates inside the cart absorb heat and maintain the desired temperature levels. They are removed from the cart and “refrozen” each day for 10-12 hrs in a separate freezer. The freezing temperature of the eutectic solution is -33°C. There are NO electric components in this cart. It does not plugin.

The eutectic plates are used to maintain the temperature of the product that is already refrigerated or frozen. The exchange coefficient of the plates is about 13.95 W/m2°C.


Internal Dimensions (without the plates)

  • Width: Top 20", Bottom 17"

  • Length: Top 27" Bottom 25"

  • Height: 21"\n

  • Weight: 135lbs (w/out products or cold plates)

(note: dimensions are in millimeters)

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