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The Cube Pro Ice Shaver is a beautiful piece of art and has many new features.

  • First, one of the hardest things about the Snowie 3000 Ice Shaver was where to lift it.  We have added multiple handles that will let you pick up this shaver in at least six different ways. Each handle is large and comfortable allowing you to get a good grip now matter what angle you are approaching the shaver.
  • Second, the feet on this shaver are far better and stronger than its predecessor.
  • Third, we have large venting areas in this housing that act like chimneys. This allows the heat to get away from your motor and travel straight up to exit the housing quickly. This is a critical feature that will greatly increase the life of your motor. If you think that is cool, stay tuned to see what else we are adding to additionally cool your motor.
  • Fourth, we have added a relay within this shaver that will reduce the amount of power that travels to the foot switch. If you have had problems with the foot switch in the past, this problem will stay in the past. The foot switch will not longer fault because it will not have enough power running through it to fail. If you would like further details on how this works, we would love to talk to you.
  • Fifth, we have gone to an all new paddle wheel that is no longer made out of aluminum. All metal tends to attract freezing ice right to its surface. The paddle wheel is now an incredibly strong plastic that will allow the ice and snow to slip easily right off its surface.
  • Sixth, we have all dealt with that large clump of ice that sits in your hopper and will not make its way down  into the blade area because it is too large. We have now added a patent pending feature that will break the large clumps apart into their intended cubes sizes as your ice is spinning in the hopper thus allowing all of your ice to make its way to the blades.
  • Seventh, we have redesigned the shaver so that it will no longer plug. You may have noticed in the past there would be a rare occurrence where the shaver would get so cold that the snow would not exit the shoot. We believe we have reached a point where your shaver should now have a 0% chance of plugging when operated correctly.
  • Eighth, no more broken hinges! In the past, if you had a cube that was on top of the hopper near the hinges and you closed that lid hard without removing the cube, you could break your hinges, hopper, or both. We have now designed the lid and hopper so that when you are closing the lid, it will push your cubes into the hopper without affecting the hinges or any physical part of the shaved ice machine.


The Snowie Cubed Pro Ice Shaver comes with a Work Station/Drip Pan and Foot Pedal included with purchase


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