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ice cream pushcart


Unique Brand

You can completely customize our carts with your own unique branding. Our carts are trendy, portable and easy to navigate.


Expand your business in a memorable way.


Low Investment

The startup costs for a vending cart are smaller than you might think, and with prices starting at $61 per month, you get time to test the market allowing you a quick return on investment.


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330PC Freezer/Fridge Push Cart

from $2,860.00

A new favorite, this electric freezer/fridge cart is the perfect compliment for your business or property. Increase your revenue or treat your special guests serving cold drinks or frozen treats from a beautifully customized cart.

Cart features

  • available in dual freezer/refrigerator mode

  • includes sliding glass doors

  • available in 110V or 220V power modes

  • optional cold plates allow mobility for 4-6hrs with no electricity (with individually wrapped frozen items)

  • interior light

Finance Application

Minimum 2+ Years In Business To Apply

Tel: 267-768-3216   |   Mob: 267-986-7320


  • Exterior Dimension: 40” L x 45” H x 38” W (without handlebar)

  • Internal Dimension: 25” L x 22” H x 20” W

  • Weight 150lb. (187 lb. w/ cold plates)

  • Load capacity: approx. 120 lb

  • Freezer accommodates 6 x 3 Gal tubs (9 ¾” diam x 11 5/8" high), displaying 4 upper flavors and 2 extra tubs below. With 6 tubs, there is room for 3 cold plates (1 lg and 2 sm) in the freezer, and therefore, less autonomy. We recommend using ice cream or gelato tubs only when the freezer is plugged in or operating with a generator. 

  • Two bicycle wheels w/ tube + 2 front caster wheels with lock

  • Removable plastic trash bin

  • Graphics for illustration purposes only. When ordering, please use the "Graphics Tab" to add a full wrap or logos. Otherwise, your cart will be delivered all white.

  • Umbrella included (all white for standard cart). 

Optional Cold plates - eutectic plates inside the cart absorb heat and maintain the desired temperature levels. The eutectic plates are used to maintain the temperature of the product that is already refrigerated or frozen. The exchange coefficient of the plates is about 13.95 W/m2°C. They allow for 4-6 hours of mobility without electricity.


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