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UVC & Frios partnered to create a fully branded Thermototal cart with a custom umbrella and menu holder for FRIOS Franchisees. 

This fun cart will be a perfect addition for parties, fresh markets, and events. The ample two-compartment box covered by cold plates has a 450-500 pop capacity. A small trash bin adds to the convenience.

Custom cold plates are removed and frozen in a freezer overnight and replaced before loading your product holding it frozen for 6-8 hrs. 

FRIOS exclusive cart

  • - Inside and outside boxes are made of polystyrene with polyurethane insulation. 

    - Set of 13 custom cold plates that cover all sides and bottom of the cart box.

    - 4.6 cu ft capacity holds 450-500 ice pops

    - Top 30 x 19.1";  Bottom 27.2 x 17.75";  Height 17.3";  Total Height 37.6"

    - 95 lbs

    - 8" tire w/ tube 

    - 2 removable small lids, 1 large removable large lid for easy loading

    - Vinyl 6' umbrella & umbrella holder 


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