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This custom fiberglass Ice Cream Cart is a stunning, one-of-a-kind cart. 

Attract more clients to your store, stand out at special events or make an impact with your brand wherever you go. 


- Euro5-HC Freezer by Excellence Industries fits 4 facing x 3 gal tubs plus two below. 

- Ample dry storage inside the cart with extra space in the hard canopy top.

- All doors and cash drawer w/ lock.

- Led light control for glow signage and canopy.

- Custom rims with motorcycle tires 

- Casters w/ brake

- Hard canopy top lowers for compact storage.


*Dipper well available upon request.

Fiberglass Deluxe Ice Cream Cart

  • 55.5”L x 35.5”W x 42”H 

    61”L (w/ handlebar) x 45”W (wheel to wheel) x 80.5”H (w/ canopy)

    Weight: 380lb

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