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330PC Ice Cream Push Cart


5.2 cu ft Electric Freezer with sliding glass doors. 110V or 220V.

  Also available in dual freezer/refrigerator mode. 

  Cold plates allow mobility for 4-6hrs with no electricity (optional)

  • Freezer Internal Dimension: 25.7” L x 27.1” H x 20” W
  • Optional Eutectic Plates 
  • Optional interior led light
  • Temperature regulator freezer mode -18 to -22oC   - 0.4 to -7,6 F
  • *New grey frame.




Cart Specifications:

  • Exterior Dimension: 40” L x 45” H x 38” W
  • Weight 150lb. (190 lb. w/ cold plates)  
  • Freezer accommodates 6 x 3 Gal tubs (9 ¾” diam x 11 5/8" high), displaying 4 upper flavors and 2 extra tubs below. This setting limits cold plates to 3 (1 lg and 2 sm) in the freezer, and less autonomy. We strongly suggest using tubs only when the freezer is plugged in or running with a generator. 
  • Two bicycle wheels w/ tube + 2 front caster wheels with lock
  • Removable plastic trash bin
  • Graphics for illustration purposes only. When ordering please use the "Graphics Tab" to add a full wrap or no graphics. Otherwise, cart will be delivered all white.

330PC Ice Cream Push Cart

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