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The Gourmet Freezer/Fridge Cart has numerous applications.

  •  Gourmet Ice Cream Cart has an 8.2 cu ft electric freezer. Add a 96 frozen pops rack or 7 baskets for frozen novelties. Accommodate up to 10 x 3 Gal Ice Cream tubs (display up to 6 flavors) depending on tub dimensions or 67 gelato pans. Available optional features: Sneezeguard, Chocolate/Topping warmer, still water dipper well. Triple sink unit with hot and cold water. Have total mobility by adding an inverter kit which allows the freezer to operate with a deep cycle battery. (battery and battery charger not included)
  • Gourmet Beverage/Deluxe Sampling Cart can be equipped with a dual mode freezer/fridge unit. The 5.2 or 8.2 freezer/fridge is a great option for clients promoting Liquor, specialty drinks, individually wrapped foods or snacks. The 5.2 cu ft unit leaves enough counter top space to add various equipment if desired, i.e. Ice Shaver machine (available in 12V), Blender, Crepe Machine, Waffle Machine, Big Kone Machine, Cash register, etc. Additional features available: Sneeze guard, elevated stainlesssteel table over freezer/fridge, three compartment sinks.
  • Standard umbrella included. Custom umbrella, prices vary. Canopy, $850


315 Gourmet Freezer/Fridge Cart

  • Approx Dimensions

    L: 63"

    W: 32"

    H: 38"

    H w/Canopy : 82"

    Weight: 280 Lbs

    Temp. Range : -0,4 - -7,6°F / -18 - -22ºC

    Freezer Capacity: 8.2 cu ft / 232 Lts

    Approx. internal dimensions 34" x 20" x 27"


    • Graphics on cart body
    • Printed Graphics on Canopy
    • Sneeze Guard
    • Sink with push pump
    • Several Colors to choose (powder coated)
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