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  • Beautiful, smooth design with large compartment to store up to 80 coconuts. Easily open the coconuts, pour coconut water through stainless steel coil submerged in ice and serve a chilled drink in seconds – no electricity needed. Pour water back into coconut or mix with your favorite rum for amazing cocktails.

503PC Coconut Water Cart as low as $95/mo

    • Made of fiberglass, stainless steel and aluminum.
    • Ice refrigeration system.
    • Stainless steel 304 coil and tap for coconut water.
    • Coconut opener in stainless steel.
    • Top door gives access to inside of cart where about 80 coconuts can be stored.
    • Cup dispenser.
    • Small sieve.
    • Matching color  umbrella.

    * This cart allows you to have ice-cold coconut water by easily opening the coconut with the stainless steel opener, pouring the water through a sieve into the coil, which is immersed in ice. As the water runs through the coil, it becomes ice-cold. Serve the coconut water into a cup through convenient tap dispenser.


    • L: 58"
    • W: 35"
    • H: 48"

    Weight: 130lbs

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