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Our Deluxe Churro Cart features an amazing 18-liter oil/water electric fryer that will extend the oil use and offer a fresher tasting churro. Loaded with a 10lb extruder, 3 pastry fillers, 5 toppings trays and a food warmer, you have everything you need to serve up deliciously filled churros (chocolate, dulce de leche, cream…). 3-compartment sink can be added.

The standard configuration includes a 10 Lbs. Churro extruder, 3 churro fillers, an electric fryer and U shaped sneeze guard. 

Optional equipment includes a single or three compartment sink, oven, 15 Lbs Churro extruder, more filers, freezer, etc. Please inquire for pricing. Pictures are only for illustration purposes.

Schematics download top view side view



532 Gourmet Churro Cart

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