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The standard unit is all-white with a 5.2 cu ft electric freezer.

Standard umbrella included. Custom umbrella, prices vary.

Optional add-ons:

- Canopy $850

- set of 6 cold plates - $400

- 4 toppings trays - $290

- 3 logos - $180

- Full wrap - $730

- Inverter kit - $990 (battery & battery charger are not included) 


The 5.2 cu ft Electric Freezer has sliding glass doors.  Standard 110V w/ 220V option.

  This unit is dual-mode, functioning as a freezer or refrigerator. 

  Cold plates allow mobility for 2-4hrs with no electricity.

  • Freezer Internal Dimension: 25.7” L x 27.1” H x 20” W
  • Cart dimensions 62" L x 36" H x 38" W  
  • Temperature regulator freezer mode -18 to -22oC   - 0.4 to -7,6 F
  • Grey frame
  • Two bicycle wheels w/ tube + 2 front caster wheels with lock


Freezer accommodates 6 x 3 Gal tubs (9 ¾” diam x 11 5/8" high), displaying 4 upper flavors and 2 extra tubs below. This setting limits cold plates to 3 (1 lg and 2 sm) in the freezer, and less autonomy. We strongly suggest using tubs only when the freezer is plugged in or running with a generator. 

The inverter kit will allow the freezer to work while mobile. Many factors determine how much the freezer motor will need to work, thus the time the battery lasts will vary.  


Please contact us if you have any questions. 


507PC Compact Freezer Gourmet Cart

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