The Deluxe Cooler Cart offers a perfect venue to showcase the merchandise or serve as a station for the equipment of your choice. 

With the optional eutectic plates is possible to maintain the temperature of product that is already refrigerated or frozen.

Cold plates refrigeration uses frozen eutectic plates inside the body compartment to absorb heat and maintain the desired temperature levels.

Insulated compartment dimensions (without the plates)

Width Top : 20" Bottom 17"Length: Top: 27" Bottom : 25"Height : 21"

Net weight 510Lbs. Gross weight 550Lbs.

505PC Deluxe Cooler cart

Eutectic plates
Cart Graphics
Sneeze Guard
Cooler lid finish
Countertop material

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    We offer outstanding carts for the mobile food industry. They are made of fiberglass coated with the highest quality gel-coat paint, which provides UV protection making colors vivid and long lasting. Fiberglass coupled with stainless steel and aluminum creates carts that are lightweight, easy to clean and maintain, more hygienic and durable.​

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