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Create a Cart as Unique as your Business.

Unique Presence:

Our carts are present in all corners of North America and exported all over the world, serving business owners young and old, adding a special touch to fundraisers and resorts, delighting crowds at arenas, universities, cruise ships, shopping centers, parks, casinos, amusement parks and many other locations. The possibilities are endless.

Unique Creativity: 


We are constantly evolving, our team diligently working to create carts with style, adapting to new market demands and requirements. You can expect nothing but the best. We look forward to serving you with our Unique Vending Carts!

Unique Opportunity:


Unique Vending Carts provides a wonderful business opportunity. A low start-up cost compared to high leases allows you time to test the market, mobility and quick return on your investment. *


* UVC makes no guarantees as results vary depending on individual effort and vending location.

Unique Solution: 


We offer outstanding carts not only for the mobile food industry, but also eye-catching solutions for various marketing experiences, through attentive team/client assistance. We strive to understand your goals and guide you in finding the best cart to fit your needs

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