205TRP Hot Dog Tricycle Cart (Propane)
$ 4,350.00

  • Agile and compact.
  • Tricycle made in heavy-duty frame, single gear.
  • Lightweight fiberglass cart.
  • Matching umbrella included.
  • NSF approved cooking pan rests over burner. Cooks approx. 40 hotdogs at once. Additional smaller pan rests on top of cooking pan to keep hotdogs and/or condiment warm.
  • Insulated cooler for 140 soda cans.
  • Additional compartment for approx. 80 hotdog buns.
  • Propane tank located separately in front of the cart, with fiberglass cover.
  • Additional storage compartment with lock door inside cart.


  • W: 990mm or 38.9in
  • L: 2682mm or 105.5in
  • H(w/out umbrella): 1010mm or 39.7in

Shipped in 3 boxes:

  • Box 1: 35 x 52 x 30 122lbs
  • Box 2: 33 x 12 x 66 76lbs
  • Box 3: 15 x 18 x 15 30lbs
Propane tank not included

This picture is the top of art.202PCP Hot Dog push cart, similar but not identical to 205TRP

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